Latest Information

You will find an array of documents uploaded to this area of the website detailing exciting projects and activities undertaken by The Procurement Partners, this includes news on some niche areas of the market we will be looking to specialise in with our customers in the future. We will also include some important information bulletins relevant to all members of The Procurement Partners and TPPL. These should have been emailed out to all customers however as a useful resource guide we have also included them on this page to enable customers to reference back to archives.

Delivering Better Value for Money: Understanding Differences in Unit Costs

The Homes & Communities Agency’s (HCA) report from June, ‘Delivering Better Value for Money: Understanding Differences in Unit Costs’ certainly makes for interesting reading for those involved in the housing sector. for more information read our article here. or alternatively see the full report from the HCA here.

Framework without the work

The Procurement Partnership (TPPL) has a long standing history of providing technical expertise, support and guidance when it comes to vehicles. Having spent over 13 years supporting public sector organisations in acquiring the fleet they need to deliver critical public services we can now assist our members with sourcing building materials. Please Click here.


On the 23rd of June 2016 the biggest political event in a generation has unfolded before us. It is one that will have a significant impact for everybody and it may yet see the end of our United Kingdom. So what does this mean for the future of EU Tenders and Public Procurement within the UK? For the full article please: Click here.


Members Update September 2015

Most, if not all public sector organisations will be aware by now of the new procurement regulations that came into operation on the 26th of February 2015. What isn’t clear is how many public sector organisations are compliant with them. For more information please Click here.


Building Materials Procurement Services

TPPL’s new procurement consultancy division, The Procurement Partners (TPP) has extensive experience of tendering for building materials in compliance with EU procurement rules. We can provide guidance and support on understanding the myriad of options available when purchasing building materials. Please Click here for further information.


New procurement regulations

The new procurement regulations come into force, the attached update provides some highlights of the changes. However, should you wish to discuss the impact of the changing legislation in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here for for further information.